Scientist Lost – urgent assistance required

Hi viewers, I’m Mike Fingal bringing you all the news from around the galaxies right here, right now. Shortly we will be bringing you all the latest news from the Fleet Traders Convention, but first we have an urgent report from Bex Gregory.

Thanks Mike, yes viewers I’m here at the Carbodyne Institute on Aliarnus in tanari with Professor Harriet Guildham who has issued a plea for help. Perhaps you could tell us what this is all about Professor?

Yes Bex, thank you. Well we’ve been working on a process here at the institute that could revolutionise almost every aspect of everyday life. Myself and Professor Wade Horton have been working on a process that utilises dimensional phase space as a means of expanding the available space within a given area. Everybody is aware of the four dimensions that we commonly inhabit, width, height, breadth and time, but there are many more dimensions that we pass through on a daily basis. The common consensus is that during everyday life we pass through an average of eleven dimensions, but most are so small or inconsequential that we don’t notice them. But apart from these dimensions there are a large quantity of parallel dimensions that we could utilise if we could only map and create doorways between them. Well now we have the ability to do that through the use of Dipsi.

Dipsi? I’m sorry but whats Dipsi?

Oh, sorry, that’s what we call the apparatus we have developed. It stands for Dimensional Integrated Phase Space Imager. With this we can map dimensions and determine their volume in relation to our own environment.

And how would this change everyday life for all of us?

Well these dimensions only exist in a given area. If we can locate and map the dimensions in a specific area then the possibilites are endless. Overcrowding would become a problem of the past as we could build habitation blocks that have an adjacent dimension of sufficient size to allow two or three times the occupancy but still only taking up the room of a conventional habitation block.

And is this dangerous?

No, not really. Once the dimension has been mapped, deemed to be devoid of any contaminants and the gateway has been stabilised then we envisage there will only be a minute possibility of dimensional instability.

So, why exactly are you making this plea for help?

Well unfortunately we have experienced a slight problem that requires quite urgent treatment. We have mapped and evaluated a dimension, DR-312, that has been deemed perfect for experimental dimension travel. We have made a number of controlled jumps and it was decided that it was time for a human experiment and so Professor Wade volunteered to make the jump. During the jump, the volume and dimensional size of the equipment and other materials to be moved are calculated and that’s what is transported through the gateway. Unfortunately during the experiment a mistake was made with the calibration of the equipment and though Professor Wade successfully made the jump, he also took approximately sixty five percent of Dipsi with him.

Thats terrible. can’t you bring him back?

Unfortunately not, Dipsi and the dimension jump machinery are prototypes. We have the schematics to build another but unfortunately we don’t have the resources.By good fortune Professor Wade also took part of the cafeteria with him and we believe he has enough food and water to last approximately three weeks.

So what can the good captains out there do to help?

Well we’re asking for Captains to make donations of certain resources so that we can rebuild Dipsi. We only have three weeks and unfortunately we can’t afford to pay for the resources, but to lose Professor Wade would be a terrible loss, not only to the scientific world, but to the universe in general.

So there we have it Captains, donations of the resources can be made here at Aliarnus in Tanari. And remember, three weeks, that’s all the time we have. Back to you in the studio Mike.

Thanks for that Bex and let’s hope some generous Captains out there can offer assistance in the Professors hour of need. Now over to the Fleet traders Convention.

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