Save Professor Wade!

Hi viewers, I’m Mike Fingal bringing you all the news from around the galaxies right here, right now. We interrupt our scheduled broadcast to bring you an urgent report from Bex Gregory, who’s talking with Professor Harriet Guildham on Aliarnus.

Thanks Mike. Yes viewers, I’m here once again with Professor Harriet Guildham who has further news about the dilemma the Carbodyne Institute is facing. What have you to tell us Professor?

Well Bex the appeal has been going very well and all of us here at Carbodyne extend our sincerest gratitude to all the selfless captains who have made donations to our appeal. The only problem is, we have discovered that during Professor Wade’ experiment the dimensional stability unit was inadvertently damaged. We were unable to detect this problem at first due to the chaos that was going on all around us, but now we have been able to begin rebuilding Dipsi we have determined that Professor Wades return will be highly unlikely and dangerous unless we are able to rebuild the unit.

So what is it that you need?

We need to once again ask the kind captains out there to donate further resources that will allow the unit to be rebuilt. We know it’s a lot to ask, and we appreciate all the help we have received thus far, but it will all be for nothing if the dimensional stability unit is not repaired.



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